Tools & Services to Use for Advanced Instagram Features

Instagram is one of the most powerful social network when it comes to share images. With thousands of celebrities, it has gained millions of users today and its rapid growth has attracted many marketers to it. As a results, we have many products sites and services developed for Instagram statistics, comments, integration with other social networks and more and many service cheap Instagram followers too.

If you learn how to use Instagram, take your own images and even share your photos with those who still do not use this application, you are ready to take the next step and start exploring sites with advanced features for your Instagram account.

These sites will let you know statistics about your photos, connect with other users, integrate your images with different social networks and extend the most of what already is offered on this popular social network.


Formerly known as Nitrogram, Unlike other similar services, TOTEMS does not deliver you a public URL for others to view your photos as their approach is based on handing data to evaluate your content and interaction on Instagram.

A peculiarity of TOTEMS is the ability to monitor words and hashtags on Instagram. And if a brand knows what its competition is doing, there is even the possibility of following usernames from other companies, which is useful if you want to know what kind of interaction with them is going on compared to their own.

At the same time, you can create photo galleries to be included in websites or pages in Facebook, which can be useful to develop contests or special promotions through Instagram.

Update 1: It is quite sad to tell you that TOTEMS has closed down on 31 March, 2015 and is not available for service anymore.


If you have a blog or personal website, you will like the site of Snapwidget. With it you can create custom code using your Instagram user name. After that, you will paste this code to your personal site and it will be displayed with the photos you have taken with Instagram. In this way, all visitors to your own site will know what the latest photos you have taken.

Snapwidget offers the options to customize the code, including the size in which you want to show your photos, design with which they appear, the background color and other similar options that once when configuring a blog or WordPress website, for example.

This is an interesting option for those who only want to publish their photos on Instagram or Facebook.

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